Guardant Health Announces Medicare and Cigna Coverage for the Guardant360 Assay in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

  • September 6, 2018

The Guardant360® assay is now covered for all Medicare and Cigna beneficiaries with advanced NSCLC who meet certain clinical criteria. Guardant expects that these two coverage decisions will increase patient access to critical genomic information to better inform treatment.

Medicare and Cigna both conducted rigorous reviews of the assay and evidence supporting its use. They evaluated dozens of peer-reviewed publications investigating Guardant360 before concluding the assay had demonstrated evidence of analytical validity, clinical validity and clinical utility.

Medicare’s decision to cover Guardant360 is further validation of the important role blood-based genotyping plays in helping you select the best treatment options for your advanced NSCLC patients.

Following Cigna’s comprehensive review Guardant360 is now the only In Network comprehensive genomic profiling assay approved for beneficiaries with advanced NSCLC.

The Guardant360® assay  has been ordered more than 70,000 times to help inform which therapy may be effective for advanced stage cancer patients with solid tumors. It is supported by more than 70 peer-reviewed journal publications, which address its analytical validity, clinical validity, and clinical utility.

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