FLASCO Advocating for Florida’s Cancer Patients Florida Blue Revises Tavalisse, Promacta, Nplate and Doptolet Coverage for Treatment of ITP

  • November 20, 2019

Prompted by a FLASCO Clinical Practice issue, Florida Blue has agreed to remove the requirement that the member has undergone splenectomy or has a contraindication to splenectomy from Florida Blue coverage policies for Tavalisse, Promacta, Nplate, and Doptelet.  The policy in question allowed coverage in the absence of splenectomy if the member has a contraindication to splenectomy. Dr. Chakra Chaulagain with Cleveland Clinic Florida, and FLASCO’s Clinical Practice Chairman,  was credited for this statement, that Florida Blue included this in their drug policies in alignment with the 2011 ASH practice guidelines for ITP.  In partnership with FLASCO, the Florida Blue leadership proposed this change to the Florida Blue policy committee.  It was brought to FLASCO’s attention, the updates to the policies were approved and will be in effect and posted 12/15/19.  In the interim, if there is  a patient that needs Tavalisse, Promacta, Nplate, or Doptolet and there is a contraindication to splenectomy, this information can be included in the request to bypass the requirement until the new policy is uploaded. (source Florida Blue)

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