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ChristianRolfoMD, PhD, MBA Philip C.MackPhD Giorgio V.ScagliottiMD, PhD PaulBaasMD, PhD FabriceBarlesiMD, PhD Trever G.BivonaMD, PhD Roy S.HerbstMD, PhD Tony S.MokMDhNirPeledMD, PhDiRobertPirkerMD Luis E.RaezMD MartinReckMD, PhD Jonathan W.RiessMD Lecia V.SequistMD, MPH Frances A.ShepherdMD Lynette M.ShollMD Daniel SW.Tan MBBS, PhD Heather A.WakeleeMD Ignacio I.WistubaMD Murry W.WynesPhD David P.CarboneMD, PhD Fred R.Hirsch.MD, PhD David R.GandaraMD IASLC Statement Paper: Liquid Biopsy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC). 6 June 2018.

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