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The FLASCO Corporate Membership Program is enhanced levels of sponsorship that allows FLASCO to expand our offerings to our membership. FLASCO Corporate Membership is highlighted for every FLASCO meeting which in turn provides you with the opportunity to educate your colleagues. When you send representatives to a FLASCO meeting, you are allowing them to receive the same knowledge as our members. This helps ensure that the hematology and oncology community at large are learning, sharing best practices, and finding solutions to problems together, rather than in soloed settings.

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2018 FLASCO Corporate Member Benefits

At each level, your sponsorship allows FLASCO to:

  • Provide valuable educational offerings to our members and their staff;
  • Engage in advocacy on behalf of the profession and the patients our members serve; and,
  • Support awareness, knowledge and access to clinical trials.

It is important to note that enhanced levels of sponsorship provide expanded interaction with FLASCO members. These interactions are intended and required to be purely educational in general content. Our members look to our corporate sponsors for information and knowledge on issues impacting cancer care from a state, national and global perspective. Thus the exception of display opportunities, issues specific to product promotion are neither allowed nor encouraged.

Benefits Associated with FLASCO
Corporate Membership Levels
Diamond Elite Diamond Platinum Gold Silver
Payment must be received before March 1 to be
included in Spring benefits.
$35,000 $25,000 $10,000 $7,500 $5,000
Main Corporate Contact invited to attend a select portion of
FLASCO Board Retreat to discuss sponsorship.
Corporate Governmental Affairs Staff invited to meet one time
per year with the FLASCO Director of Advocacy
Invitation to participate in a Advocacy Round Table 1 time per
year w/ FLASCO Advocacy Director
Opportunity to be recognized as a sponsor of a coffee break, etc
at FLASCO Spring and Fall Sessions. (optional)
Company invited to participate in a poster session at the
FLASCO Spring and Fall Session (to be presented by MSL,
physician, or Oncology nurse educator)
Opportunity to advertise programs on a complimentary basis
in the FLASCO Flash and on FLASCO website
Opportunity to be highlighted on FLASCO website homepage
Corporate Member may submit to the FLASCO Executive
Director 1 educational benefit to be considered by FLASCO
Opportunity to partner on common interest issues, i.e.,
surveys, videos and other special projects
Opportunity to request a conference call individually one time
per year with the FLASCO President, Vice President, Chair of
Clinical Practice, and Legislative Committee Chair to discuss
educational opportunities. (optional)
Main Corporate Contact will be provided a login & password to
access all areas of the FLASCO website w/ exception of Forums
and Directory areas and will receive Admin and CP
Opportunity to set appointments for FLASCO Executive
Director to visit practice/cancer center/academic centers.
Opportunity to provide a webinar to FLASCO members twice a
Company may request to meet with available members of the
FLASCO board during the Spring and/or Fall Session.
Spring and Fall Spring or Fall
Complimentary meeting registration fee for FLASCO Business
of Oncology Summit.
2 Reps 1 Rep
Opportunity to provide an ad to be included in the Spring and
Fall meeting handouts.
Full Page Half Page Quarter Page
High-profile exhibit space for additional FLASCO Florida
sponsored meetings. (Does not include Puerto Rico, Patient
Advocacy or co-sponsored meetings)
Unlimited Reps
2 Reps
50% discount
2 Reps
25% discount
2 Reps
10% discount
2 Reps
Opportunity for company to be highlighted once a year in the
FLASCO weekly newsletter.
Option to request assistance from the FLASCO Legislative
Opportunity to sponsor/partner to support patient advocacy or
other educational programs.
Option to request to participate in a 15 minute educational
industry circle meeting w/ available FLASCO board members
during Spring or Fall meetings.
High level representation with prime exhibit space at FLASCO
Spring and Fall meetings to include decor and signage.
Opportunity to purchase additional exhibit spaces for $1,000
2 Comp Taples 1 Comp Table 1 Comp Table Reduced fee of $250 for 1 Table Reduced fee of $500 for 1 Table
Option to submit content for consideration to include on the
FLASCO website. (excluding webinars and programs)
Unlimited Unlimited 6 times per year 4 times per year 2 times per year
Option to submit content for consideration to include in the
FLASCO weekly newsletter.
Unlimited Unlimited 6 times per year 4 times per year 2 times per year
Complimentary subscription to FLASCO weekly newsletter. Unlimited 25 Reps 20 Reps 10 Reps 5 Reps
Complimentary registration and invitation to attend Friday
night dinner program and Saturday Sessions during Spring
and Fall meetings.
Unlimited 5 Reps 4 Reps 3 Reps 2 Reps
Year-round recognition on FLASCO website corporate
membership page – with membership level and logo.
Prominent Prominent
Recognition in weekly FLASCO weekly newsletter. Includes link to
FLASCO Corporate
Includes link to
FLASCO Corporate
Opportunity to sponsor non-promotional speakers for FLASCO
Spring and Fall Annual meetings.
High priority with FLASCO Executive Director (email, phone,

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    The FLASCO mission is to facilitate and promote multidisciplinary efforts to improve patient care in Florida. As a partner of FLASCO, we are counting on you to help FLASCO be the Voice of Oncology in Florida.
    Please choose which membership level you are interested in.

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