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FLASCO’S strength is the involvement of its member volunteers who provide their time, effort and expertise to further the operations and initiatives of the Society. Currently, FLASCO maintains eight standing committees.

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for considering and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on changes in Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. View FLASCO Bylaws here.

Clinical Practice Committee

The Clinical Practice Committee is responsible for compiling, monitoring and maintaining a library of oncology clinical practice parameters. The committee will act as a liaison with other agencies that deal with practice parameters and will serve as a resource to the membership.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for assisting physicians, patients and families in making medical care decisions that are of ethical, legal and humane nature. The committee may act upon matters that have occurred in the past or present or may occur in the future. Discussion in this committee may remain private or openly discussed depending upon the subject material and the parties involved. The nature of the subjects are diverse covering practical decisions to problems concerning physician, patients and family members, third party payors, pharmaceutical industry and health affiliated entrepreneurial adventures or activities as examples.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for: (1) reviewing and making recommendations to the Executive Committee in November of each year regarding proposed committee initiatives for the following year; (2) reviewing the annual budget developed by the FLASCO Executive Director; and, after consideration of such items shall present a budget to the Executive Committee for approval in December of each year; (3) reviewing semi-annually the Society’s investments and report the results of such performance along with any recommended changes to the board of Directors; and (4) reviewing all financial documents received from the FLASCO accountant each month. The Finance Committee shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and a Chairman.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee is responsible for identifying and considering public policy issues related to cancer care and clinical research; identifying areas for potential advocacy intervention, considering advocacy strategies to meet policy objectives; providing general oversight of activities; identifying unaddressed needs; reviewing and approving draft policy documents prior to submission to the Board; advocating within established FLASCO public policy on issues related to cancer care and clinical research; identifying and assigning priority to issues requiring potential advocacy intervention; and establishing a grassroots advocacy network.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for recommending membership requirements and policies and for making appropriate recommendations to the Executive Committee or Board of Directors on each new applicant.

Nominating Committee

A Nominating Committee of no less than (5) members shall be appointed each year by the President with the consent and approval of the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors approximately six (6) months prior to the annual meeting. The responsibilities of this committee will be to nominate Officers and members of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee. Nominations may come from the floor.

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for developing and arranging the scientific programs held in conjunction with the Society’s meetings with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.

Maen Hussein, MD, Chairman
Shalin Shah, DO, Vice Chairman
Barry Berman, MD
Christopher Bryant, MD
Florence Buenconsejo, ARNP, MSN, OCN
Kimberly Burger
Robert Cassell, MD
Sarah Cevellos
Uday Dandamudi, MD
Michael Diaz, MD
Steven Fein, MD
Ardeshir Hakam, MD
Kun Jiang, MD
Nathalie McKenzie, MD
Santosh Nair, MD
Anjan Patel, MD
Paresh Patel, MD
Brendan Prendergast, MD
Sumit Sawhney, MD
Jason Starr, DO
Srinath Sundaraman, MD
Richard McDonough, MD, Ex-Officio Member
K.S. Kumar, MD, FACP, Chairman
Randal Henderson, MD, MBA, Vice Chairman
Chaka Fennel, RT (R)(CT)(ARRT), MBA
Pamela Hodul, MD
Jonessa Stanton, RN-BC
Alan Marks, MD
Adaze Nwosu-Iheme, MD
Michelle Viveiros, ARNP
Neal Weinreb, MD
Richard McDonough, MD, Ex-Officio Member
Michael Diaz, MD, Chairman (Federal)
Craig Deligdish, MD, Chairman (State)
William Harrer, MD, Co-Vice Chairman (State), Florida Cancer Specialists
Scott Tetreault, MD, Co-Vice Chairman (State & Federal)
Syed Abid, MD, FACP
Christopher Brett, MD
Christopher Bryant, MD
Robert Cassell, MD
Michael Jagal, MD
Yan Makeyev, MD
Arjun Mittra, MD
Paresh Patel, MD
Rubye Pontello, ARNP
Racquel Reese, PharmD
Mark Robbins, MD
Jose Sandoval-Sus, MD
Erica Takimoto, DO
Maggie Wiegandt
Pam Wilson, RN
Richard McDonough, MD, Ex-Officio Member
Winston Tan, MD, Chairman
Dina Dumercy, PharmD, BCOP, BCPS, Co-Vice Chairman
Jennifer Cultrera, MD, Co-Vice Chairman
Jorge Garcia, PharmD
Harish Gowda, MBA
Cheryl Habaue, RN
Nalini Hasija, MD
Farah Khalil, MD
Merry Jennifer Markham, MD
Mare Saltzman, MD
Christina Shaw, MD
Jonathan Zager, MD
Richard McDonough, MD, Ex-Officio Member

FLASCO would like to express its sincerest gratitude for the dedication, involvement, effort and expertise of the

2016-2017 Committee Members.

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